Enhance usability of your Magento store using simple tips

It is extremely important for every ecommerce merchant to boost up sales and increase revenue. Magento offers them one of the internet’s leading eCommerce solutions to get started with their own store front. However, if you want a successful ecommerce store, you must concentrate on the usability of your ecommerce website.

If you emphasise on the usability, you can increase conversion rate, as your website will not be frustrating and confusing then. So, here are few simple tips that can enhance the usability of your Magento store…

  1. Aesthetically designed as well as easy to use navigation

Providing excellent user experience is the key to make a long-term relationship with your customers, enhance brand value and earn new customers consequently. So, if you want your customers to stay on your ecommerce store, you must make it simple for them to browse.

  1. Advanced search and prominent contact information

Customers come with an intention to buy something and if they don’t get that product they simply leave your website. So, make sure to provide advanced search functionality to them. This will help them get what they are looking for. Also, mention your contact information like address and contact number on your website in such a way that people who might want to speak to you or meet you in person can find it easily.

  1. Interactive shopping cart

Your shopping cart should be build such that your customers are able to see the purchase price of the product along with the delivery date. Also, they should be able to modify it.

  1. Wish list creation

It is not necessary that every customer purchase the products right away, some might want to select the products and then purchase later. So, give them the ability to save the selected items in their cart so that they can buy them whenever they want to.

  1. Clean order confirmation pages

Instead of cluttering the order confirmation page with other products, it is advisable to mere display the message that order has been confirmed.

Easy checkout, Product attributes and category fillers, Product reviews and testimonials, clean product pages, Newsletter subscription and SEO are some of the other key features that Magento experts incorporate to enhance usability of your online store.

However, if you want to maximise your conversions by implementing the best Magento practises in your online store, you must hire the best Magento development company and get your ecommerce store developed by experienced and certified Magento developers.


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