Common Magento SEO Mistakes that Even The Pros Make and Can Easily Avoid

Once you have created a functional Magento website for your ecommerce business, you would want people to be able to find it easily on search engines. This is where Magento SEO comes into play.

SEO is not just a means to get your business found on search engines but a great way to improve the quality and functionality of your website.Read More »


Magento Development Tips: Forget Everything, Securing Your Magento Store Should Be Your Primary Concern

What makes Magento a widely used and celebrated ecommerce platform potentially makes it one of the most targeted and vulnerable platforms for fraudulent activities.

Just a flaw in the code or an unmaintained extension or update can put your Magento store at risk for spamming, phishing, identity theft and website defacement.

Here are a few reasons that explain why security should be a vital consideration for ecommerce marketers regardless of their business size.Read More »

How to Make Content of Your Magento Website Look (and Work) Good the Creative Way

Every ecommerce marketer realises the significance of web content for their business. However, only the successful ones realise that there Magento store needs much more than a catchy description and product information to sell.

We researched and interacted with ecommerce specialists and Magento web development experts to know what content apart from descriptions and web copy can help ecommerce businesses sell more.

So, here it is.Read More »

4 Ways to Speed Up a Magento Website That Every Magento Developer Should Know

There’s no denying that Magento has provided developers and ecommerce marketers across the globe unsurpassed flexibility and functionality to integrate into their online stores.

However, advanced features and functionality alone don’t help when it comes to driving conversions. Customer experience and satisfaction are equally crucial to improve conversions rates. No matter how innovative features you incorporate in your website, poor loading speed can irritate your customers and induce them to abandon your website.Read More »