Take Your Ecommerce Store To The Next Level With Magento

Help your business succeed in the digital space by integrating Magento ecommerce framework into your business. Laced with scalable ecommerce features, Magento is a leading enterprise class eCommerce development platform.

If you want to excel in your ecommerce ventures, then you must possess a profound knowledge of Magento. The Magento Enterprise Edition delivers out of the box, rich functionality and seamless integrations with third party solutions. Magento ecommerce solution ensures a truly fluid user experience.


What is the speciality of Magento?

Magento offers a flexible and feature rich ecommerce solution to merchants, enabling them to meet a wide range of needs of customers. Backed by thousands of pre-built extensions, Magento offers advanced ecommerce functionalities.  With limitless inventory items and discounting options, Magento enables you to craft the perfect ecommerce solution. Secure payments and reliable shipping are the two functionalities on which customers place high priority, Magento enables you to integrate your payment and shipping methods of choice.

If we talk about SEO, then Magento outperforms other ecommerce platforms in terms of offering search engine friendly website which makes indexing of products and pages easy. Magento offers advanced tools that maximise SEO, so you can ensure that your brand is searchable and visible.

Who uses Magento?

Many leading brands around the world trust Magento for its flexibility and scalability. Global brands like Nike, Paul Smith, Olympus, and Nespresso use Magento for their ecommerce development projects. Australian brands such as Bing Lee, Harvey Norman, Kathmandu and Bonds, are some popular leading brands that choose Magento among other available ecommerce platforms.

Magento Platform Features

  • Product and catalogue management
  • Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Flexible shipping Methods
  • Advanced admin roles
  • Multiple store
  • Multiple languages
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • API integrations
  • Pre-built extensions
  • Faceted product filtering
  • Search engine optimisation friendly
  • Payment gateways and persistent shopping cart

Magento is open source ecommerce development platform, and hence it is cost effective. With Magento, you can customise your website to best suit your ecommerce requirements. Magento offers the flexibility that allows you to showcase your offerings in different currencies in different countries. Customers after using your products can leave their valuable feedback on the website which can eventually help you in detecting the flaws (if any) in the products and requirements of the customers.


If you want to develop a quality website using Magento, you should hire a professional Magento developer in Sydney to take the leading edge in the ecommerce industry. Choosing the right company for your website holds a vital role if you want to avail best out of Magento. A deep research about the web development company should be done before investing your time and money in finding the perfect match (developer) for your store.


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Top 5 Reasons That Make Magento Best eCommerce Platform

Magento offers everything you need to start operating a powerfully built online store. World’s no. 1 eCommerce platform, Magento allows you to focus on engaging customers and growing business. It is fully integrated online shop with ecommerce features such as User Dashboards, Built in cross sell capabilities, multiple transaction options, product bundling, CMS options, advanced shipping and supplier management features, newsletter, and more.


Here are top 5 reasons to consider Magento for your ecommerce store development.

1. Easy Integration

Most CMS platforms need additional apps or plugins to simplify the working of platform. It is worth noting that the online shopping platform that comes with the Magento can be easily integrated with readymade apps plugins and apps. Also, Magento has extensible APIs that allow you to connect to different apps like payment gateways, shipping and tracking, analytics and so on.

2. Modular architecture

Magento is highly modular and customisable. It enables you to perform deep customisations in both frontend (templates and layouts) and backend (observer, rewrites, grids, event). Etc. Magento offers customisable themes that allow you to customise your online store the way you want. You can also obtain any template to get the look you desire.

3. SEO friendly

With Magento’s advanced SEO friendly features, you can impart your offerings a wonderful opportunity to rank on all widely known search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and more. Magento’s source code comes with built in SEO optimised URLs, meta tags, site maps, descriptions, rewrites and category structure etc. Online stores built on Magento platform automatically ensure that your website is search friendly.

4. Mobile friendly

With the increasing no. of smartphone users, it has become vital for online shopping websites to go mobile friendly. Magento shopping carts are viewable on mobile devices and are completely responsive. Mobile optimised design enables merchants to engage with customer base visiting website from mobile devices and boost your google ranking.

5. Security

Magento takes security of its stores very seriously. Magento ensures strict safety of your site and allows you to manage internal access. It gives option to customise various levels of security permission. Magento treats security as a highly rated priority. Enterprise Edition comes equipped with secure payment bridge that offers PCI Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS).

Bottom Line

Without the personalised service, expert knowledge and strong industry experience of Magento experts in Sydney, your business could struggle in gaining expected momentum in the competitive market. Ecommerce website developers in Sydney can provide you adequate technical support in your ecommerce venture.

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