Unleash the Unlimited Ecommerce Possibilities with Magento

Are you looking for ways to create a strong presence in online business space? Looking for excellent customer engagement, high conversion rates, captivating UI, intelligent designs, and high performance? All this can be achieved with Magento ecommerce website development. Magento is the world’s most popular ecommerce platform used to develop highly customised eCommerce stores. It includes diverse useful integrations and ‘out of the box’ features that many other platforms lack.

Magento specialists understand Magento inside out and are highly capable of developing custom extensions to add powerful additional features to your website, as well as performing integrations with other systems to automate your business.


Why should you Choose Magento to power your eCommerce store?

1. Magento is an open source software with a global community

No other platform has a vast community of developers like Magento. Magento is an open source software which is available for free (Magento Community Edition) and has a distinguished community of developers who work continuously to enhance the core platform and themes / extensions available within its community.

2. Magento is developed to power eCommerce stores

Magento has array of features that enable you to create rich experiences and manage store operations effectively. With incredibly great Magento features you can empower your ecommerce operations and take your online business to the next level. Some of the out of the box features include an intuitive admin panel, customer loyalty program, visual merchandiser, reporting tools, order and returns management, multiple languages and currency support.

3. Extensible

Magento has extensible core features that allow for prominent level of customisation. This level of customisation can be achieved using third party extensions or developing custom extensions based on the needs of a business.

4. SEO friendly

You need to make sure your eCommerce site is aligned with SEO requirements to enhance your visibility and traffic from search engines. Magento has in-built SEO features that improve website rank and optimise search engine results. Magento powered stores are SEO friendly and drive traffic. That’s why Magento web development companies design and develop high converting websites based on Magento.

5. Responsive and scalable

Magento development offers accessibility on mobile devices as well as draw more prospective customers to the e-portal. Magento is scalable ecommerce platform that can be used by everyone.

6. Ease of use

The Magento backend is inbuilt and you don’t require any programming skills and technical knowledge to manage your ecommerce operations on this open source platform.

7. Flexibility

Magento is popular for its flexibility as it allows a developer to inculcate advanced features and methodologies to an online store. High flexibility of Magento ensures effortless customisation of online products and shopping carts.

shopping cart

The Final Word

Magento is the most sought after and appealing ecommerce application across the globe. Being an open source application, Magento web development is widely used by developers to build complete online stores with assorted functions. So, help your online business to grow with extremely flexible, scalable and easy to use Magento powered ecommerce store.


Top 5 Reasons That Make Magento Best eCommerce Platform

Magento offers everything you need to start operating a powerfully built online store. World’s no. 1 eCommerce platform, Magento allows you to focus on engaging customers and growing business. It is fully integrated online shop with ecommerce features such as User Dashboards, Built in cross sell capabilities, multiple transaction options, product bundling, CMS options, advanced shipping and supplier management features, newsletter, and more.


Here are top 5 reasons to consider Magento for your ecommerce store development.

1. Easy Integration

Most CMS platforms need additional apps or plugins to simplify the working of platform. It is worth noting that the online shopping platform that comes with the Magento can be easily integrated with readymade apps plugins and apps. Also, Magento has extensible APIs that allow you to connect to different apps like payment gateways, shipping and tracking, analytics and so on.

2. Modular architecture

Magento is highly modular and customisable. It enables you to perform deep customisations in both frontend (templates and layouts) and backend (observer, rewrites, grids, event). Etc. Magento offers customisable themes that allow you to customise your online store the way you want. You can also obtain any template to get the look you desire.

3. SEO friendly

With Magento’s advanced SEO friendly features, you can impart your offerings a wonderful opportunity to rank on all widely known search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and more. Magento’s source code comes with built in SEO optimised URLs, meta tags, site maps, descriptions, rewrites and category structure etc. Online stores built on Magento platform automatically ensure that your website is search friendly.

4. Mobile friendly

With the increasing no. of smartphone users, it has become vital for online shopping websites to go mobile friendly. Magento shopping carts are viewable on mobile devices and are completely responsive. Mobile optimised design enables merchants to engage with customer base visiting website from mobile devices and boost your google ranking.

5. Security

Magento takes security of its stores very seriously. Magento ensures strict safety of your site and allows you to manage internal access. It gives option to customise various levels of security permission. Magento treats security as a highly rated priority. Enterprise Edition comes equipped with secure payment bridge that offers PCI Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS).

Bottom Line

Without the personalised service, expert knowledge and strong industry experience of Magento experts in Sydney, your business could struggle in gaining expected momentum in the competitive market. Ecommerce website developers in Sydney can provide you adequate technical support in your ecommerce venture.

Make huge revenue strides with Magento 2.0

If you are an enterprise giant or a small start-up, you will require an ecommerce platform that can go a long way in determining your success. It is difficult to parse through plethora of ecommerce options available today. Your success pivots on the ecommerce platform you choose. Even the minor differences in features of ecommerce platform can lay a massive impact on your net earnings.

Fortunately, there is an ecommerce platform which is lauded by small to large retailers for its shopping cart function, Magento. Magento is an open source eCommerce platform which hosts over 2000,000 merchant stores. Magento has come up with much improved and optimised version of the Magento 1 platform, Magento 2. Redesigned with performance in mind, Magento 2 offers improvement in performance and reduction in server load. You can take advantage of the major benefits that this new platform offers by upgrading to Magento 2.

Magento 2 has made the job of administering your site more efficient and simpler.  Let’s have a quick look at its administrative improvements.

Administrative Improvements:

  • Enhanced Product Creation

Now you can add products to your store more quickly and accurately with the new step by step product creation tools. By using this tool, you can add products up to 4 times faster in Magento 2.

  • Enhanced Data view and filtering

You can customise the attributes shown in data grid view without developer’s assistance. You can also customise your data views to match your individual needs. This feature allows you to see the data that you need to see by giving you clean and uncluttered interfaces.

  • Improvements in Admin Navigation

You can find more organised menus, cleaner and less cluttered admin interface in Magento 2. These enhancements ensure smaller learning curve and improved productivity for administrators.

  • Product Videos

You can easily add videos from YouTube or Vimeo supported by Magento 2. This feature offers a terrific opportunity to merchants to merchandise their products.

Bottom line

If you want to experience the new functionality and performance improvements of Magento 2, then don’t hesitate to contact magento developer sydney. You should consider upgrading to Magento 2 to register increased conversions and therefore revenue from your ecommerce website sydney.

3 Tips for Magento Developers to Manage Ecommerce Development Projects Effectively

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