Common Magento SEO Mistakes that Even The Pros Make and Can Easily Avoid

Once you have created a functional Magento website for your ecommerce business, you would want people to be able to find it easily on search engines. This is where Magento SEO comes into play.

SEO is not just a means to get your business found on search engines but a great way to improve the quality and functionality of your website.

Unfortunately, not all Magento professionals are able to achieve the desired ranking, traffic and conversions with SEO. The wrong approach and insufficient knowledge of Magento SEO sometimes make even the commit blunders that ruin all their efforts and time.

To help you execute seamless Magento SEO, we have listed three common SEO mistakes that can easily be avoided.

#1. Failing to optimise title tags correctly

While some professionals forget to change the default title tags altogether, many of those who remember fail to optimise the title tags appropriately.

Do not just change the default tags, make sure the new ones are optimised to represent your brand, products or service.

Here are some additional blunders Magento web developers make when optimising title tags:

  • Ignoring the alt title text on images, particularly the logo text.
  • Keeping the default Homepage Title that is usually Magento Commerce or Home.
  • Creating similar title tags for multiple pages
  • Creating long relevant titles lacking keywords

#2. Continuing with default keywords

Many Magento professionals don’t deliberately change their default keyword considering the fact that Google itself ignores keyword metatags.

While this is true that search engines focus more on visible text and less on keyword metatag, not changing the default keywords would still have a negative impact on your SEO ranking. If you have unique yet meaningful keywords crafted for every page, go ahead. And if not, change the default keyword setting by leaving it blank.

#3. Using Duplicate URLs Across the website

Another common SEO blunder committed by Magento developers, especially the beginners is having duplicate or redundant URLs in webpages. Having duplicate content on our webpages even in your URLs can hurt your SEO.

Make sure to create unique URLs that contain appropriate keywords and relate well to their respective web pages.

Are you making these blunders too? Keep these mistakes in your Magento checklist and work with experienced Magento exerts to know the right approach to make the most of your Magento SEO.


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