4 Secrets to an Effective PPC Landing Page

You Google something and find an ad with an irresistible promise that apparently relates to your query only to end up on a completely irrelevant page.

It frustrates you like anything. Doesn’t it.

Unfortunately, many advertisers tend to effortlessly create such scenarios for users with their irrelevant Pay Per Click landing pages.

A pay per click landing page can be a powerful marketing weapon if you know the right optimisation tricks. To prove the point, we have gathered four proven tricks that contribute to a high converting PPC landing page

Seek Love of Local People

When you make your landing pages more specific to local audiences, no matter if you’re advertising nationwide, you drive better chance of conversion.

Optimising your landing pages to target local prospects allow you to differentiate your from local competitors while persuading audiences that your business relates to them more than any other.

Create Dynamic Content

Another sure-fire way to boost conversions is dynamic keyword insertion. While most PC advertisers realise the importance of dynamic text replacement for increasing click-through rates, not many know that it can work wonders for landing pages too.

By making a couple of changes to the URLs of your landing page, you can make the landing page content more specific to your targeting keywords and relevant to the user.

Incorporate Multiple Steps

This can be confusing! Right? Usually you come across articles and expert advice that imply how reducing the number of steps and unnecessary fields can significantly improve the conversion rate.

Well, know that multiple step landing pages can be also be effective at driving conversion if you put those fields up in the right order. Start with simple questions gradually moving on to questions that demand personal information.

When you ask for information that relates to users’ goals and requirements upfront, they become less frustrated and more willing to submit their personal details to finish off the journey and lead to a solution.

Create the Visual OMMPH

Remember how putting up a local number and optimising headlines on a geographic level helps your business feel more related and local to your audiences.

You can do the same for your landing pages with smart visual cues. Include signs and images that direct users’ attention to the intended call-to-action in a subtle way.


Pay per click advertising offers excellent opportunities for marketers to drive high volumes of traffic and leads. By putting in a good thought, time and effort into your PPC landing page, you can ensure high conversions from your PPC campaigns.

In addition to conversion secrets, be sure to work with a competent pay per click expert or company in Australia to get the most benefit from your campaigns.


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