A Simplified Approach to Designing a Functional Magento Store

As much as flexible and useful Magento as an ecommerce platform is, designing a Magento webstore is a complicated feat to take on. From studying user behaviour patterns to building wireframe structures, a lot goes into developing a Magento store that is appropriate to get launched.

That said, here’s a three-stage process of designing a successful Magento store that would help every Magento developer in Sydney, whether a beginner or a veteran.

Do the Groundwork

As with every process, building a Magento website starts with extensive research and planning. A well-informed plan lays the foundation for effective Magento development.

Those starting a new business online, it is important first to examine their targeted audiences, competitors, the web and the industry. Doing so will help create a strong strategy for building an online presence. For businesses with an existing web store, on the other hand, the research should involve understanding users’ behaviour, user engagement patters and interests. With these specifics, you would be able to make informed decisions around your magento web design and development.

Sketching and Wireframes

The data specifics and conclusions from the extensive research are the required elements to get you started with structural planning.

Use researched information about the users like how they engage with a web store and what appeals the most on a website, to create ideas for your web design. Once you have design ideas for your Magento website, you can turn them into a visual form by skitching different variations of the basic layout.

Narrow down the available choices to the most suitable sketch which you would want to create wireframes for. Wireframing is a time-saving means to put a website’s structure and architecture into an informational form. With this approach, you can spot issues and possible requirements to optimise the final layout for the best user experience.

Sculpt into a Design

With finalised wireframes, you are ready to plunge into Magento development phase.

Now that you have a pre-defined web structure, you need to focus your attention on visual elements that contribute the appearance and effectiveness of the website. These elements include high definition photos, videos, colour theme and even web copy, which must reflect the identity and nature of the brand.

The Takeaway

Web design is much more than something being appealing. A website must be equipped with proper functionality and features in order for people to take notice and do business with the company behind it. Magento developers need to ensure proper research and implementation of ideas for their development project to be fruitful.


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