How to Make Content of Your Magento Website Look (and Work) Good the Creative Way

Every ecommerce marketer realises the significance of web content for their business. However, only the successful ones realise that there Magento store needs much more than a catchy description and product information to sell.

We researched and interacted with ecommerce specialists and Magento web development experts to know what content apart from descriptions and web copy can help ecommerce businesses sell more.

So, here it is.


Almost every ecommerce store has a blog for their customers and visitors, but not all of them work well.

What’s the objective of creating a blog for your Magento website in the first place?

It’s an ecommerce trend, everybody’s doing it. Or, just to make your website seem a bit bulky and effective. Or maybe, you’ve an in-house copywriter who you want to keep busy in some-thing (writing blog posts) when there’s no web content to write.

Well, if any of these sounds familiar, you’ve got your reason for content strategy failure and low conversions.

Now, most successful blogs are those that are created with an intention to not just lure and engage audiences but inform and benefit them. They typically feature how-to articles, best-of lists and other informational forms of content to make the most of the visitor’s.

The Visual Impact

It’s not something recent. Visuals have always served as a strong communication mode. Now, the ecommerce fad today is integrating social media sharing into your visual content.

Some of the successful brands like Benefit Cosmetics and Nasty Gal utilise visual content and social media by allowing their happy customers to share their real-life photos with the purchased product on Instagram.

This promotes trust and reliability. Seeing regular customers using a certain product, visitors, prospects and intended buyers are more encouraged and likely to buy it.

In addition to user-generated content, some brands like Coach take visual content to the nest level. They post permitted paparazzi-style photos of celebrities using their products in everyday life inspiring customers to follow and buy.

The Takeaway

These, of course, weren’t the only ways to utilise your content on your Magento website. You may get a lot more tactics from successful ecommerce marketers, developers and experts in Sydney. It is advisable to research whatever content ideas you get before putting into practice.


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